Love and Photography (not Rockets)

I am glad I came across Madi Ju and Patrick Tsai's online project "My Little Dead Dick". The collection of images, which serve as a visual diary of the two photographers' brief relationship, is a powerful reminder of how evocative the photographic narrative can be.

By isolating some very beautiful, personal moments of their lives, Madi and Patrick (who have since separated) let us in on a private narrative that seamlessly slides from personal documentary to fiction and back again. The loose, snapshot aesthetic keeps it fresh and I found myself clicking through the entire project in one sitting effortlessly.

It reminded me of how effectively appearances can cohere. Photography and memory work together in curious, circuitous ways -- constantly referencing each other. While viewing their little love diary, it is hard not to be reminded of one's own life; of love past and pending.

Do check out the personal work both have done since.

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