Cinema City Goes to Berlin

Happy to be part of Madhushree Datta's paltan that is heading to the Berlinale this year.

If anyone finds themselves in Berlin from the 11th to the 21st of February, please go checkout "Cinema City", which is a group show that Madhu has curated.
"Cinema City is a project to document, archive and re-read the cinema producing cities through images and narratives within cinema and its impacts and manifestations in the lived world; involving inter-disciplinary and collaborative research, pedagogy and art and media productions."
The Cinemas Project will be featured as an installation at the Delphi Filmpalastam. Amruta Sakalkar has  designed a lovely little two-seater cinema hall in which the images will be presented. Thanks to Madhu, Kausik and the folks at KRVIA and Majlis for putting it all together.

Here is a list of the people that are exhibiting/screening their work:

The Western Suburb: Installation on Sweatshops of Cinema (Avijit
Mukul Kishore, Mamta Murthy, Rikhav Desai & Found Footage
Archive of Majlis); Cinema City Lived: Book of Spatial and Textual
Cartography (Design Cell, KRVIA; Text: Hansa Thapliyal, Design:
Ankit Bhargav); Phantom Lady on Light Boxes: Performance Photography
(Pushpamala N); The Cinemas Project: Photo Art on Single
Screen Cinemas (Zubin Pastakia, Design: Amruta Sakalkar); Bioscope:
Cinema-City-Modernity Dateline (Kausik Mukhopadhyay);
Calendar Gala: Iconography in 20th Century (Art Works by Multiple
Artists, Research: Shikha Pandey); Pila House: Interactive Computer
Archive (Rohan Shivkumar and Design Cell, KRVIA; Software Design:

Certified Universal (Avijit Mukul Kishore, India 2009, SD, 15’); Dark
Room (Renu Savant, India 2009, SD, 10’); Have You Dreamt Cinema?
(Hansa Thapliyal, India 2009, SD, 16’); Sin City (Srikant Agawane,
India 2009, SD, 16’)

Visual Designer Cinema City: Kausik Muklhopadhyay

Creative Director and Curator Cinema City: Madhusree Dutta

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