Cinema Halls Update

I have updated the Cinemas Project page on the website with images made in the last year and a half. Do take a look.

I've been photographing cinema halls in Bombay/Mumbai for about 3 years now. As always, feedback, comments and questions are welcomed.

A small selection below:


nisha said...

Beautiful work. I see why my dad still calls cinemas "talkies" so fondly. I especially like the Bharat Mata auditorium photo. The wall, the exhaust fans... Was it lit solely by the screen?

Zubin B. Pastakia said...

Thanks, Nisha.

Yes, the Bharat Mata picture is lit solely by the screen, as are all the auditorium pictures.

If you look closely at the image (it is hard to see it on the web preview), there is a large portrait of Dadasaheb Phalke hanging in the corner to the right of the screen.

The Celluloid Vision said...

Read about your project in the Economic Times and googled to view more. Loved your work.

The Celluloid Vision said...

I was wondering if you ever stumbled across a certain New Shirin Cinema..

I did. Somewhere around South Mumbai.. and it was lit with these bulbs.. it was so colourful that it wouldn't look out of place in a village fair.. I don't know if it still exists, but if it does, I would love to see you cover it.

Zubin B. Pastakia said...

@ Celluloid Vision

Thanks so much.

I have seen New Shirin and taken a look around. I do want to photograph there someday. When I had visited there to gain access, the owner was out of town and the manager didn't want to let me in without his permission.

Someday soon, I hope...


Jiang D said...

I got your website link from a friend, I starred at your works for along time, what a beautiful work you got here, love especially this old cinema project, so much feel in it.

Zubin B. Pastakia said...

Thank you, Jiang D.