The Built Landscape

The following project is a work in progress and is being partly supported by a photography fellowship from The India Habitat Centre.

Please visit the project page on my portfolio site to view all the images from the project so far:

© Zubin Pastakia 2007

© Zubin Pastakia 2007

© Zubin Pastakia 2007

© Zubin Pastakia 2007


ashu said...

Nice work. which city is this?

Nandita said...

To me its coming across beautifully. Photographs convey an observation rather than a statement. Great going.

What format are you using it doesn't look like 35mm to me?


Zubin B. Pastakia said...

Thank you.

These are from Bombay|Mumbai. As of now...

I'm shooting these with a large format view camera (4x5)...

Marionette! said...

I love the photo of the balconies, it's ALIVE.

quasi said...

The one I liked most was the balcony with the A/C's and the slightly dilapidated shutters (#2).

I also like #8 - the simplistic and clean representation of a common urban scene. the best part is the the missing humans are just felt everywhere.

#9, I feel the crane should have been complete. like a monster at work. now it has no head.

#1 is feels nice, but, to me, does not convey too much else.

#3-#7 I did't feel too much about...

I like the concept though, the "place" thingie ... best of luck.